Imran Chowdhury B.E.M

Imran Chowdhury -1_edited.jpg

From a volunteer unpaid newspaper distributor distributing free ''Joy Bangla'' newspaper in Agartala town centre to garner public support for the war, working as an aide to the nurses in the Joy Bangla ward for the Freedom Fighters in G.B. Hospital in the Indian state of Tripura as eleven years old refugee during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Stints in  various roles during the youth days in the military, corporate and social ventures.  Enormous amount of help, sympathy & humanity was given by people all around.

From there to the UK always have been persevering to give back to the community generously with compassion, love and humility. Campaigning for humanity & peace paved the way to be conferred upon with an honour by HM the Queen, perhaps epitomising the quest for life.