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A Social Action Project

Imran Chowdhury BEM

A thorough need assessment for the social action project involves understanding the local community's pressing issues. This can be achieved through community surveys, stakeholder interviews, and analysis of existing data on social demographics and challenges.

Assessing the need for volunteers involves identifying areas where additional support is required to address community needs. This can be determined by evaluating the capacity of existing volunteer networks, gauging community interest in volunteering, and identifying gaps in service provision that volunteers could fill.

By addressing the identified needs through the social action project and creating new volunteering opportunities, the Council can support its strategic aims of promoting community engagement, enhancing social cohesion, and fostering a culture of civic responsibility. This aligns with objectives related to improving residents' well-being and quality of life and building more robust, resilient communities.

Increasing volunteers will benefit our organisation by:

  • Expanding our capacity to deliver services and support to the community.

  • Diversifying the skills and perspectives within our volunteer base.

  • Strengthening community connections and relationships.

  • Enhancing our ability to respond effectively to emerging needs and challenges.

Aims and objectives: The new volunteering opportunities will satisfy:

  • Increase community engagement and participation.

  • Address identified social issues and needs.

  • Foster a sense of belonging and ownership within the community.

  • Enhance the capacity of the organisation to deliver services and support.

  • Promote skill development and personal growth among volunteers.

Activities the volunteers will undertake to satisfy the need and reach of the social action project:

  • Community outreach and awareness campaigns.

  • Assistance with organising and facilitating community events and activities.

  • Direct services such as tutoring, mentoring, or support for vulnerable populations.

  • Fundraising and resource mobilisation efforts.

  • Advocacy and lobbying for policy changes or community development initiatives.

The sustainability of volunteering opportunities created:

  • We plan to partner with local businesses and organisations for ongoing financial support.

  • We will explore grant opportunities from other funding sources to sustain the project beyond the initial grant period.

  • Our organisation is committed to building a robust volunteer recruitment and retention strategy to ensure continuity of services.

  • We aim to cultivate a community-giving culture to garner long-term support for the social action project.

  • Although this project has a specific duration, we will leverage its success to attract future funding for similar initiatives.

Future funding strategies, partnerships, or community support for the social action project after this grant period:

  • We will actively seek additional grant opportunities from foundations and government agencies.

  • Collaborating with local businesses for sponsorships and in-kind donations.

  • Engaging community members through crowdfunding campaigns and donation drives.

  • Cultivating long-term partnerships with other nonprofit organisations and community groups for shared resources and support.

  • Implementing sustainable revenue-generating activities, such as social enterprise ventures or fee-based services.


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